Grizzly Bear Hunts in Northern BC

Limited hunting & pristine undisturbed grizzly habitat result in a high grizzly bear population in our hunting territory.
Bar WK Ranch & Outfitters offers hunters a first class grizzly bear destination. Great books have been written about the bears in the area including “Grizzly Bear Mountain” by Jack Boudreau. Many of the old stories about this area seem almost unbelievable, but most are true and there are likely even more grizzlies now than there were 50 years ago.

We have established a method of hunting for almost any age and physical ability. We offer spring and fall hunts and boast a very high Grizzly population.

The reasons for these high grizzly numbers are limited hunting and pristine, remote undisturbed grizzly habitat. Bar WK Ranch & Outfitters strictly manages the hunt focusing only on large adult male bears. Not only does this offer great trophy opportunities, but it also increases the population by removing some of the cannibalistic mature grizzly boars. The greatest natural threat to a juvenile grizzly is a large male grizzly.

Grizzlies are hunted in the spring as they feed on the new lush green growth that starts in May. As June begins grizzlies become very active as the rut nears and the predatory instinct to find moose calves kicks in. Spring hunts are spot and stalk and offer exciting opportunities to get close to bears while they are busy feeding.

Fall hunts start in September and offer great opportunities for both bow and rifle hunters. Grizzlies congregate on the salmon streams and this concentration of bears allows tree stands to be a very successful and safe way to harvest a grizzly. It isn’t uncommon to see 2-3 grizzlies each day during this time of year.

Late September and October hunts are excellent times to harvest a bear in combination with a moose or an elk. Bears gorge themselves on remaining berries this time of year often feeding up to 20 hrs a day. This feeding behavior makes them easier to spot and much more predictable.

Whether you come and hunt with Bar WK Ranch & Outfitters in the spring or fall, you can be sure that you’ve chosen some of the most legendary grizzly habitat in the world.

Spring/Fall Grizzly Bear Hunt Prices

Booking for: May 10 – June 15 and September 10 – November 15
1 Hunter with 1 Guide – $12,500 plus Harvest fee: $4,500

**Prices are US Funds and do not include Licenses, Royalties or Federal Taxes

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